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The ACE Course is for those who want much more—more in the sense that they would like to know exactly “HOW” to develop world class tennis players, step by step from the ground up. Our course is about DOING and applying what we learn, not just hearing or reading some generic information. We teach and support you every step of the journey—as much or as little as you so desire. We actually want YOU to succeed. We want to EMPOWER YOU as a coach and as a person to reach your dreams in both the great sport of tennis and also in your business life.

The Alliance For Coaching Excellence is as the name suggests. It is an Alliance for those coaches that aspire to become the elite of the elite in world class tennis player development. The Alliance is about bringing the most passionate coaches and tennis parents together to collaborate, learn, apply and do! The Alliance is about being a part of something much bigger than ourselves. Our information is like an open source software, it is for the people and by the people. It is ever changing and evloves as the great sport of tennis evolves. The Alliance is about YOU and for the betterment and purpose of bringing those together whom desire to further the way the great sport of tennis is taught and learned. Our course is not for everyone. We consider this training to be the Navy Seals of tennis player development. It is for those who are passionate about developing world class tennis players. Our course is much different than the current tennis educational offerings provided throughout the world. Coaches typically attend a weekend seminar and obtain some biomechanical information regarding techniques, or receive some new drills to inject into their program, or hear from a professional tour coach about how they work with their player, etc. But what is direly missing in the current status quo of tennis player development education is “what to do with this valuable information.” In the end we coaches typically are left with a plethora of wonderful information that we are not sure how to apply to our tennis player development program.

Our 12-month intensive course fills this void and solves this issue through means of bridging the gap between developmental scientific information and real world application. Our ACE Tennis Player Development Course teaches you hands-on how to apply this information in a real world setting, so you can immediately and confidently implement the information into your current tennis program. We do not just merely give you the information on how we have developed players that have won over 80 professional titles, we teach you the information, the science behind it, and most importantly, how to apply it on the court immediately after you learn the information.

Who We Are

The Alliance for Coaching Excellence Player Development Course was founded by current ATP/WTA registered professional tour coach Heath Waters and current WTA tour player Lindsay Lee-Waters. Heath Waters brings a very unique experience to The Alliance For Coaching Excellence as very few coaches have had notable success coaching both at the junior level and professional level. Heath Waters has been coaching on tour since 1998 to present. Very few coaches have had their players win both junior national and international titles as well as professional titles. Heath has had the unique experience of coaching his professional player students to wins over the very best professional players in the world, top 10 world ranked ATP and WTA players, as well as developing young 8-10 year old juniors from the ground up to go on to win many ITF Junior Titles and multiple national titles in the USA. Remarkably Heath has done this with multiple players rather than just only one player that might have been considered a remarkable talent. Heath is one of the few coaches in the world that has developed multiple 8-10 year old players from beginner level to the tour level over and over again. Over the past 10 years Heath has developed and coached 10 professional players of which his players have encompassed over 80 professional titles under Heath's tutelage. In the 7 year span prior to coaching the past 13 years on tour Heath's junior students won over 30 National and International Junior titles. Heath and Lindsay are also creators of one of the internet's most popular tennis instructional websites Heath is currently mentoring many coaches throughout the world. Heath has been a key note speaker at PTR, written articles for the WTA, Tennisone and other publications, and enjoys learning something new each and every day.

Lindsay has achieved a career high singles professional WTA ranking of 33 in the world. Lindsay is currently still playing the WTA Tour part time but now focused primarily on doubles and as of today is still currently ranked top 100 in the world. Lindsay is also the only mother in the modern era to have two children and still achieve a top 100 world ranking on tour. Due that Lindsay is still playing Wimbledon's, while also coaching and being the mother of an 11 year old and 6 year old, she brings a very unique perspective as a tour player, junior coach, and as a tennis parent to The Alliance For Coaching Excellence that is invaluable. When Lindsay is not playing on tour she coaches with Heath at their new academy in Atlanta Ga, Strive Tennis Academy, takes her 6 year old to baseball and soccer games and her daughter to jiujitsu and singing lessons. At age 35 Lindsay has now played the tour for almost 20 years and brings unparalled experience and knowledge to The Alliance For Coaching Excellence team. There is very little that Lindsay has not experienced on tour, as a junior, or as a tour player while being a mother of two on the court. Lindsay is elated to share her knowledge and experience with the tennis community. The Alliance For Coaching Excellence however is not about Lindsay and Heath, but rather about empowering you the coach and the tennis parent.

ACE Coaching Seminar

Course IV- Tactical Development and Footwork Best Practices

Date: October 4-6, 2013
Regular price: $997.00
Introductory price: $497.00
(for first 100 registrants)
Location: The Manor Golf and Country Club, Atlanta, GA

  • 20hrs of Intensive Training
  • Coaches & Tennis Parents
  • $100 Referral Program
  • Limited Space Available

The Alliance for Coaching Excellence Player Development Course is an intensive course for those coaches and tennis parents who understand that tennis itself is the easy part of tennis player development. Come learn the little things that matter as we take the guesswork out of world class player development by teaching you the science and it's application in order to better help you help your player(s) or child become a champion.